Smart Install

Free My Lock is on the cutting edge, offering our customers Smart Install complete with Smart Insure:

Price Range is $100-150, and includes the following Services:
– Removal of Existing Lock
– Verify Fit with Current System
– Installation of Smart Lock
– Test Functionality of Smart Lock
– 7 day Smart Insure

Let a professional help you with your install & have piece of mind for 7 days. How it works:
1 – Check if we offer install for your Smart Lock from the table below.
2 – Identify your existing lock (it should be written on the lock).
3 – Call Us with the name of your lock and the Smart Lock Brand to schedule an appointment.

August Install

August-Smart-Lock-Installaton$X – Call Us

Danalock Install


Danalock Installation Video

Kevo Install

Kwikset Kevo Install$150

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