Smart Tech

Smart Technologies are quickly replacing old key and lock methods as well as doorbells. Running late? Use the Smart technologies to your advantage by knowing who is at your door with Smart Bells and unlocking your doors to trusted people remotely with Smart Locks.

At free my lock, we are your trusted experts offering you Smart technologies that fit your needs.
Call us today to discuss the pro’s and con’s of the various door locks and the benefits of Smart Bells.

Our service package starts from $35 and includes:

  • Consulting on the best Smart Lock for your needs
  • Smart Locks & Bells delivered to your house for your review
  • Smart Locks & Bells demonstration at your location
  • Smart Lock Installation at an additional price
  • Smart Lock Warranty at an additional price

Review the various Smart Locks we support here: Smart Locks
Review the various Smart Bells we support here: Smart Bells

Your choice not listed? Contact us for a free technology review.

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