Swing Voter chooses Trump

Republican Primary Debate Watched By 20M+ Locksmith Fort Lauderdale

Trump is my choice for Republican primary, who is yours? After tonight’s debate we are definitely taking the Trump Card in Florida!  Locksmith Fort Lauderdale Free My Lock noticed tonight’s debate performance Trump is pulling out a valuable resource that has been used to surprise us all and gain an advantage over his competitors: his temperament!  Trump’s tone has changed and I believe that many more swing voters will swing his way.

Locksmith Fort Lauderdale Roots 4 President Trump

Locksmith Fort Lauderdale Choice For PresidentIf tonight’s debate was any indication of President Trump seems like he will be Presidential enough for this swing state voter:  Free My Lock a local Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale.  Presidential candidates on the far end of the debate stage are soon to drop off and the remaining 2 will have a fast fight.  The right wing Cruz has some good ideas, but I don’t TrusTed to get anything done.  Since all media says no one likes him in Washington – how will he ever be able to coalesce the strong personalities in the government?

Bad Moderator Jake Tapper

What about this moderator? Jake Tapper thinks strong leader is a compliment. Well Trump certainly didn’t fall for his lead in question. In fact he answered perfectly with Strong is just a fact, neither a compliment nor an insult. I guess poor Jake that really wanted to create the same disgusting chaos he used earlier on a certain Sunday Morning.  Tapper didn’t bate Trump as Trump remained cool, calm and collected with all of his responses.

“Stronger is just a fact”.   After tonight’s performance, the choice is clear for Republican Nomination.  Donald Trump is supported by mostly all small businesses and especially those on the rise due to great customer service like Locksmith Fort Lauderdale, Free My Lock!

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