How To Ensure A Legitimate Locksmith Arrives @ Your Door

Another locksmith ring was busted in Florida, and it looks like the company was traced back to a P.O. box, had no registered business, and was operating under a legitimate company.  Here is the story on the most recent locksmith bust in Florida.  These companies (and there are many) advertise extremely low service fee ($15-$19),and can never give you a flat rate, say they are local but have no business license.  They seem to be on the top of every possible locksmith adword – and to someone who is looking for emergency service, these rings take advantage of your situation.  Run! Move on to the next locksmith until you find one that either is:
1 – Willing to waive the service fee.
2 – Willing to quote you a flat rate.

Then do your research in 3 easy steps, its as easy as ABC:
A – Ask them to bring their business license and certificate of insurance.
B – Ask them what the local company name is listed on and verify it.
C – If either A or B cannot be answered, move on to the next company on the list.

How to find a legitimate locksmith: you can start with a google search, and work down the unpaid advertising list. You can go to YELP! and read the reviews. There are many avenues, but certainly to protect yourself you should smell a rotten apple and move on.

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