Flat Rate Locksmith Services vs Unknown Rate


Another Locksmith Scam

Last week, another story came out about locksmith service rates and how a person expects one price and when a service technician arrives, it is an entirely different price….read here for more coverage on the story.

A Flat Rate Locksmith is the way to GO!

Free My Lock recognized this was a widespread problem in the industry and decided to offer our customers flat rates, and that means no surprise rate hikes upon arrival. It is guaranteed. How can we compete when everyone else is charging triple? Well lets take a typical automobile lockout to show how the math works….

ComparisonTypical LocksmithFree My Lock the Flat Rate Locksmith
Total Customer Price$100$55
Service Fee$19$5
Price$80+++Unknown$50 Flat Rate
Total Cost$70$55
Advertising$25 (Cost Per Click)$0
Fee Split$40$0

Margin is the direct cost margin, after that there are still other fees but they are relatively the same for all the companies…..

So tell me, what makes sense?  Customer pays more and company makes less or Customer pays more and company makes more…..it’s all in the business structure and the advertising budget.
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With Free My Lock our costs are low because you come straight to the company – we do the work and we do not have multiple levels of people skimming (fee splits 60/40, 50/50) off the price.  We also do not use Pay Per Click for the locksmith business, as you can see the math does not make sense.  What about all those other services – yellow pages, thumbtack etc…..well if you think you are getting the top 10, you are sadly mistaken, those companies have no filter and take on everyone who is willing to pay them.

Free My Lock operates in all of Broward County, with Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale FL, we ensure we are anywhere in Broward within 30 minutes.  Whether you need your locks rekeyed because you are moving into a new home or if you need emergency locksmith service for a car or home lockout:  Free My Lock will quote you over the phone and we will guarantee our arrival.

Call us today to schedule your service.

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