Home Lock Rekey

Rekeying locks is changing the lock combination that allows for a different key to open your house. This kind of service is perfect for people that have recently moved into their houses and cannot afford a whole new set of locks

Why Re-Key?

– You lose your keys
– Your keys are stolen.
– You move to a new home. You want only 1 key that works and not a bunch of strangers with the keys to your house.
– You live in an HOA neighborhood where you cannot change the look of your door handle or lock, but need new keys.
This is not a do it yourself endeavor: you will require the services of a professional locksmith.

Criteria For Re-Key:

Not all locks can be rekeyed. A lock will need to meet National Standards Institute Grade 1 designation.
If this designation is not met, you may have to replace your whole lock.

Types of Re-Key:

– Single key re-key
– Master Lock Re-Key: Multiple locks have the same key.

It can be expensive to replace an entire lock, so re-keying allows the old key to be replaced without replacing the entire lock. A Master Lock Re-Key is perfect for houses with multiple entry ways with many locks.  If you are finished with flipping through many keys, it may be time to call us about a re-key.


The ability to change the current configuration of your lock is very convenient and doesn’t take very long to complete. A Free My Lock locksmith can rekey your lock in 1 hour or less.

We assure all our customers the most exact key duplicate they could get. Our key duplication services are available 24 hours and at very affordable rates.

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