Transponder Car Key Replace

Replacement Transponder Car Keys

Free My Lock replaces transponder car keys @ your location.

Transponder Key Replacement TIME

Different cars use a variety of key technologies with varying replacement costs. For all the key types we take anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes to program car keys for your car. Tack on up to 30min to your location and you are looking at about 1-2 hours for a Replacement Transponder Key.

Transponder Key Replacement COST

We checked the price of a basic transponder key on a late-model Ford F-150. The dealership quotes around $175 for the key and an additional $75 for the fob for a total of about $250 At Free My Lock we are about 30% less (a savings of $75) for a total price of about $175 for at your door service.

Transponder Car Key Replacement

Transponder keys have computer chips hidden inside their plastic heads. When the ignition is turned on, the vehicle sends a signal to the key as a theft deterrent. The car won’t start unless the chip in the key sends back the proper response.

Electronic key fobs attach to key rings and feature buttons that remotely open doors or perform other functions.

Smart keys are electronic devices similar to fobs, only they wirelessly transmit security codes that allow cars to be started without mechanical keys, although some include a manual key for emergencies.

Laser-cut keys—also called “sidewinder” keys—have thicker shanks and fewer grooves than conventional keys.

Free My Lock locksmith service can:
– replace laser-cut keys
– can replace transponder keys
– can program a large range of transponder keys

Note of Caution:
Replacement transponder keys, fobs and smart keys may be available online, but you take the risk of the keys not working with the vehicles. Unless that key is guaranteed – steer clear and try us out instead, our prices are reasonable.

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