Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Kwikset Kevo

Opens with your fingertip all while your smartphone remains in your pocket or purse.  Touch your lock, and Kevo will recognize your phone and unlock the door. Includes a keyfab for those that do not have Smart Phones. Also has the ability to use a traditional key.

DesignTechnicalLock CompatibilityInstallationService
Bulky design, various colors.Bluetooth.
Remote Access: Yes Batteries: 4AAAA
Deadbolts=Yes. Mortise=No.Depends on Lock.Unknown.

Hardware: $219
Fixed Price Install: Not offered at this time.
Extended Service: Not offered at this time.


  • Bluetooth 4
  • Full lock replacement
  • Proximity access. If you don’t have a smartphone you can use the Kevo Fob or regular key to access.
  • 4 AA batterries operate device

AppsiOS (4/4 558 ratings) Android (4/5 18 Reviews)
ReviewsApple Store 3.5/5 (22 reviews) Engadget 75/100, PCMag 3.5/5, Amazon 3/5 (640 Reviews), HomeDepot 4/5 (47 Reviews), Digital Trends (3.5/5), CNET 3/5

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