Google Maps SABOTAGE For A Fort Lauderdale Locksmith

After working our way up the ranks, through the proper channels of creating a decent website, performing work and getting reviews from our customers, Free My Lock became a target of SABOTAGE. Yes that is right, Sabotage!

Sabotage-DefinitionHere is what happened….

Google Suspends Google Plus Page

Google suspended our Google Plus Page for “spammy” behavior. What that means, none of us know as we NEVER put any spam out on the web. We contacted google many times to request our page get reinstated. They took too long and in the meantime a deliberate move on us was made…..
Someone created an unauthorized Google Plus Page. What’s worse than that…..the telephone number listed on GOOGLE MAPS was not ours!

We immediately contacted google. They fixed the problem……temporarily.

Day 2: The listing was fine on google maps for the morning but the afternoon took another turn….our telephone number was wrong on google maps again. This is no coincidence! This is SABOTAGE.
We contacted google and they promised us they would freeze our account so that no one can change the telephone number again.

Day 3: The listing was fine on google maps for the morning but again in the afternoon our telephone number was wrong on google maps again. Now what is worse is Google is not available to fix the problem, someone else is get calls for our business.

So what is happening here? It looks like all these criminals have made there way to the web, and google doesn’t act fast enough to protect small business. This is the reason some Sue Google such as a locksmith in VA.
Locksmith Lawsuit Against Google

This article got my attention because the locksmith company has a legitimate case. They are suing because they want Google to do the right thing: stop the sabotage, or don’t offer the service and put everyone on the same playing field.

Tomorrow we will call Google again regarding our phone number. Stay tuned, we will let you know what happens. Respond to this article and let us know what you think!

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  1. Its terrible that Google has so little controls

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